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Air Travel And Health - A Systems Perspective

RRP $228.99

Providing a detailed examination of the issues that affect the long term health of aircrew, cabin crew and passengers, <i>Air Travel and Health</i> offers guidance to engineers designing aircraft in the difficult field of legislation and product liability. Examining the facts, anecdotes and myths associated with health and travel, Seabridge and Morgan draw balanced conclusions on which the aircraft operations and design communities can act to provide cost-effective solutions. The authors present a useful reference for aircrew, regulatory authorities, engineers and managers within the aerospace industry, and medical and human factor specialists, as well as an informative resource for undergraduate and graduate students.

Greece Travel Guide

RRP $18.99

This book was written specifically for the purpose of experiencing the Greek life as a cultured Greek might wish to.This travel guide aims to give a comprehensive overview of Greece, for the benefit of those who are planning on visiting. It is full of insider's knowledge, so as help you see the country on a shoestring.As a student with limited funds, yet have an unlimited thirst for adventure, I have discovered a number of economical shortcuts, which will allow you to see everything while remaining firmly within budget.All the major sights are included, but many hidden, often neglected attractions are highlighted here. This guide will take you on a journey through the whole of my country So in conclusion, get ready, get your backpack and have fun.

Tourism, Travel, And Blogging

RRP $240.99

Travel often inspires the creation of narratives about journeys and destinations, more so with the increasing availability of online platforms, applications for smartphones and tablets, and various other social media technologies. This book examines travel blogs and their associated social media as a form of self-presentation that negotiates the tensions between discourses of travel and tourism. As such, it addresses how contemporary travellers use online platforms to communicate their experiences of journeys and destinations, and how the traveller/tourist dichotomy finds expression in these narratives. Addressing the need for more in-depth analysis through a study of blogs, this exploration of networked narratives of an individual's travel experience considers personal motivations, self-promotion, and self-presentation as key factors in the creation of both personal and commercial travel blogs. As this text applies concepts such as self-presentation and heteroglossia, it will be of interest to both students and scholars of tourism, new media, sociology, cultural studies, and discourse studies.

Management With Mymanagementlab Student Access Code

RRP $814.99

For undergraduate and graduate Principles of Management courses.


This text connects theory with practice, incorporating the latest research findings to make management relevant and exciting to aspiring managers.


MyManagementLab New Design is now available for this title!  MyManagementLab New Design offers: 

  • One Place for All of Your Courses. Improved registration experience and a single point of access for instructors and students who are teaching and learning multiple MyLab/Mastering courses.
  • A Simplified User Interface.  The new user interface offers quick and easy access to Assignments, Study Plan, eText & Results, as well as additional option for course customization.

0133806596 / 9780133806595 Management Plus 2014 MyManagementLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package

Package consists of:   

0132553287 / 9780132553285 Management

0133762157 / 9780133762150 2014 MyManagementLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Management


A Traveler's Guide To The Solar System

RRP $13.95

What would it be like to walk on a Martian plain?

Watch wild volcanoes on Jupiter? All it takes to find out is a touch of imagination and this entertaining guide to the solar system, illustrated with NASA's most up-to-date colour photos.

So get ready to blast off, and fly through the skies from Mercury to Pluto, stopping to visit planets, asteroids, and moons along the way.

Feel Venus's intense pressure and heat, thanks to a thick blanket of carbon dioxide.

Alight on Saturn and gaze at its beautiful and mysterious rings. See greenish-blue Uranus, which takes 84 Earth-years to travel round the sun.

There's lots of fun information, related in a simple, appealing style kids will easily understand and enjoy.


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