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Travel Iron

RRP $13.99

Life of a graduate student at Princeton University. When he was writing the outline of his thesis his wife walked out. He then remembered his one date with Elaine whom he had taken to his childhood home in Towaco. He had not at that time treated her with the respect she deserved. He planned to court her to be his next wife. If she would agree he planned to accept his professor's offer of a post-doc at Princeton where he knew he would work on the molecular ion he had just observed, H3+....

Free As The Dolphins Travel

RRP $18.99

This is a guide to methods and strategies for free travel by air, sea and land for people who want to travel for free or nearly for free. Want to learn French or English? This book is part of an educational series teaching travel vocabulary, compare and contrast, etc. A teaching guide can be found in the French "Voyager gratuitement ... ou presque" photo edition and at our Facebook page: "Free as the dolphins travel." We also offer the contents in French as a series of talking books available at MP3. They are called "Voyager gratos" and "auto-stop la planete." However, this edition of "Free as the dolphins travel" covers road travel in Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. It is a kind of users guide to and Dumpster Diving, free food and Woofing is discussed along with how to work abroad without a visa by using websites like, and For students of French we recommend purchasing both this free travel guide in English and the companion photo edition found at https: // (Voyager gratuitement ... ou presque - edition photo). The talking books can be purchased on a chapter by chapter basis and cost about 89 cents a chapter. There are 17 chapters divided into 2 talking books. "Voyager gratos" covers boat hitching, cargo hitching and air hitching, while "auto-stop la planete" covers woofing, couchsurfing and hitch-hiking. We are currently recording an English language talking book edition, due 2013. It will teach English language travel vocabulary. Visiting Facebook page "Free as the dolphins travel" is another way to see the Lassed Tarhouni / nom@d photos found in the photo editions. The Facebook page also offers loads of other free travel related links (for those learning French, the Fcebook page is called: "Voyager gratos comme les dauphins"). The same "Free as the dolphins travel" text can be found in paperback, and as an eBook, with the title "Marine Paradise Killing Cover-up." Readers may find it cheaper to purchase the book using the alternate title name. "Marine Paradise Killing Cover-up" offers a few extra chapters not available in French because of copyright issues. However, students of French or English may find this interesting as a research project. Most of the additional material is available on-line in French."

Travels Of Learning

RRP $738.99

This volume offers a reappraisal of the topic of scientific and technological traveling and takes the viewpoint of the European peripheries, including case studies of Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Hungary and the Scandinavian countries. It contributes to the clarification of mechanisms of appropriation of scientific ideas, instruments, practices and of technological expertise. It is of interest to scholars and students of history and philosophy of science and technology, cultural and social history, science, technology and society studies.

Virtual Destinations And Student Learning In Middle School

RRP $320.99

Educators increasingly leverage the internet to enhance traditional programs and approaches. One strategy in this respect is to employ virtual destination sites for curriculum delivery which are embedded into traditional learning experiences. Virtual Destinations and Student Learning in Middle School provides the most detailed case study of such an approach ever undertaken. It examines the impact of an online museum called Museum Explorer! on middle school students' knowledge and learning engagement when combined with traditional pedagogy. This book provides important results and implications for any educator concerned with improving learning outcomes. In addition, the combination of empirical data with fascinating insights makes this work a beacon that will guide educators in their curriculum development efforts.

The Secrets Of A Savvy Traveler

RRP $35.00

Unlock the secrets of a Savvy Traveler! Do you suffer from wanderlust? Do you dream of tasting new foods in foreign lands, vacationing on exotic islands, or gazing upon the seven wonders of the world? Many dreamers and would-be travelers are discouraged by finances, believing that the cost of seeing the world is out of reach... The Secrets of a Savvy Traveler will show you how to accomplish your traveling goals in a simple three-step process-planning, execution, and outcome. With dozens of tried-and-true tips on budgeting, planning, and safety, this book will help you turn your dreams of traveling into an affordable reality. With The Secrets of a Savvy Traveler, you can truly make the world your oyster!


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