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Find out who pays for home pest inspection when you sell 2021

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Don’t just breathe easy after receiving a clear home pest inspection, it doesn’t necessarily mean your home is free from pest infestations or dry rot. It just means that the pest inspector, for whatever reason, found nothing wrong. Because as with any type of professional in the world, you will find good pest inspectors and not so good pest inspectors.

You could say haha, but I’m selling a house so i do not care if we’ve got pests and also the pest inspector missed them.

But this stuff has some way of biting back. Although pest companies are generally hooked for a certain period of time, the person ultimately responsible for hiring the lousy pest inspector may be the salesperson. A seller does not want to find himself in court for negligence or willful misrepresentation or some other accusation.

When is a home pest inspection required?

This depends on state and local regulations. In some country like Australia, a home pest inspection is not a sales requirement. It can become a sales requirement if the buyer’s appraiser notices conditions that could raise suspicions about termites, beetles, ants and / or dry rot and such. If an appraisal points out conditions that might require a pest to end, the buyer’s lender might require a pest report. Certain professionals like real estate agents, appraisers, and yes, even home inspectors are generally not licensed to identify pest conditions.

pest inspection

A real estate agent can inform a seller if local laws require a pest inspection. An agent may also give a client some references to pest companies, but it is not the agent’s responsibility to order the pest inspection. It is the seller’s home and the seller’s responsibility to call a pest company if the seller wants an inspection.

Should a seller pay money for a home pest inspection if it’s not required?

Some sellers may still wonder if the seller should pay for a pest report, even if it is not required by law. This really depends on:

  • the condition of the home
  • the advice of your real estate agent and, most importantly,
  • the type of market where you’re selling.

If the condition of the home gives you reason to suspect dry rot or pest damage, you may want to pay for a pest report to clear it up. For example, if you’ll poke the tip of a pen through a window sill, you presumably have a dry rot situation. If dry rot seems obvious, a seller can verify that problem by obtaining a pest report.

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Your real estate agent may advise you to get a pest report; if not necessary, you’ll be able to ask your agent for an explanation. Ask directly if a pest inspection is required or if it’s just a custom. If you are satisfied with the explanation, continue with that advice.

If your market is hot and it is a sellers’ market, a buyer may not request a pest inspection on a proposal and will waive home inspection contingencies. If the customer doesn’t request a pest inspection, and isn’t required to get a pest report, you may want to ignore it.

On the other hand, if the buyer is likely to get a pest inspection or your market is a buyer’s market, it might be preferable for a seller to get a pest inspection while preparing the house available.

A clear pest report, for example, could become a selling point and benefit for a buyer. Buyers are often concerned about unknown facts when buying a home, and by providing an advance pest report, it might be one less thing for a buyer to stress about. In some local communities, it is standard to give the buyer all of the seller’s disclosures before an offer is submitted.

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When does it add up for a buyer to pay money for a home pest inspection?

A buyer should obtain a pest inspection for 2 reasons:

  • When the vendor doesn’t provide a pest inspection, and
  • When a pest inspection has been provided and appears to be incorrect

Basically a buyer should always get a pest inspection if the seller doesn’t. It is a matter of due diligence on the part of the buyer. Also, there is no better time to discuss the work that might be necessary to receive a pre-purchase inspection completion than before a buyer purchases that home. There is little leverage after the sale closes.

A pest inspection is generally quite inexpensive. A pest company may vary prices depending on whether the foundation is raised or slab and the number of stories or square feet. Prices range from $ 50 to $ 200.

The main problem a seller faces if a buyer pays for the pest report is that the seller has no control over the quality of that pest inspection. Get in touch with Exceptional Building Inspections today!

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