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How to choose the best door for your garage?

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Indeed, the installation of a garage door is not counted among the usual expenses of any person. What’s more, it is always a long-term investment. Therefore, before talking about prices, it is convenient that you discover how to choose the best one.

Types of garage doors

Today there are different types of garage doors. Due to this variety, it is advisable that you know all of them or, at least, the most common before making a final decision on the door you want to install. In this article Doors 4U Garage Doors are going to tell you about the five most common types of garage door.

Overhead garage doors

This type of door is one of the most popular nationwide. In general, it consists of one or two panels that are raised thanks to arms compensated by springs or steel weights. When the door is opened, the panel leaf is parallel to the ceiling.

The most normal thing is that the material in which the up-and-over doors are manufactured is stainless steel. However, you can also find them in aluminum and wood.

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Within the category of up-and-over garage doors, two subtypes are distinguished:

  • On the one hand, we have overflowing garage doors, which need a certain space to be left outside so that the door can be opened without tripping over anything.
  • And on the other hand, you can opt for a non-overflowing garage door. In this case the door does not invade the outside when opening, but needs more space inside.

Sectional garage doors

It is another very common type of door. In fact, sectional garage doors, along with up-and-over ones, are the class of doors most commonly used in Australian garages.

As its name suggests, this type of door is made up of individual sections that rise vertically towards the roof of the garage. Thanks to this, they take up almost no space.

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Mainly, three advantages are attributed to them:

  • They allow you to have more space in front of and inside the garage.
  • It is a system characterized by its robustness, since each panel has its own connection with the door rail, which increases its reliability.
  • Finally, they are famous for their great insulation capacity, both thermal and acoustic.

Rolling garage doors

It is true that these types of doors are widely used in shops and stores, but they are perfectly valid for garages.

Its operation is very simple. To give you an idea, it is similar to that of a blind: the door is rolled up on a rotating axis until it is completely retracted. They are perfect if your intention is to make the most of the garage space.

Rolling garage doors characteristics, its easy handling, its compact style and the simplicity of its mechanism stand out.

Sliding garage doors

The only requirement to install this type of door is to have enough space on the wall, because they move laterally. The advantage is that they can be adapted to almost any shape on the wall.

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For this type of door, we can also distinguish two varieties:

  • To begin with, the side sectional doors generate the movement laterally towards the inside of the wall.
  • On the other hand, you can decide on a traditional side sliding door, made up of one or two leaves that move along a guide. They can be placed inside or outside the wall.

Swing garage doors

It is another of the systems that is used the most. They work in such a way that the leaves that make up the door (one or two) pivot on a vertical axis.

Tips for choosing the best garage door

Before talking about prices, and now that you know the different types of doors, we want to offer you a series of recommendations so that you know how to choose the perfect door for your garage:

  • Decide what your budget is: As you will find out later, in the garage door sector prices vary a lot because they usually depend on the measurements of the door and the automation you decide to install. Our recommendation is that you do not look for the cheapest door, but try to get a good value for money.
  • Bet on quality: This point is related to the previous one; It is always preferable to have professionals who ensure the best quality and maintenance of the facilities. Look for robust and durable doors.
  • Make sure it complies with the regulations: It is important that your door complies with the safety regulations that are applicable in your specific case.
  • Measure the available space: You have already seen that some doors need more space than others to be able to open. In this sense, you must take into account the space you have available before making a decision.
  • Take the decoration into account: Depending on the decorative style of the building in which the door is to be installed, you can choose one model or another to avoid breaking the harmony of the whole as much as possible.

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