An automatic garage door : the practical solution

An automatic garage door : the practical solution

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Who has not dreamed of arriving in front of his house and actuating a simple button to get back to park easily and quickly?

Having a garage is an undeniable advantage, but having an automatic garage door is the ultimate in comfort !

As a shelter professional helps you choose the right garage door for your home …


There are multiple models of garage doors, in various materials (wood, PVC and aluminum are the most common). We detail here the different openings of a garage door that can be motorized.


Opening the door:  the panel tilts upward and is positioned parallel to the ceiling thanks to a rail system or an integrated counterweight system that is invisible to the naked eye. The  unique panel of the garage door gives it robustness foolproof. 

However, like the swing door, the overhead door needs space inside the garage to open and close. It must therefore be ensured that the height of the vehicle does not obstruct the opening of the overhead door.

An Automatic Garage Door, The Practical Solution


Opening the door:  There are two types of sectional doors: one opens from the bottom up by sticking to the ceiling like the overhead door, the other opens on the side so that the panels are positioned against the door. wall thanks to a system of rails on the ground and on the ceiling.

With this door, the space is optimized , even outside: there is no overflow. In addition, the thermal insulation is good.

The side sectional door (opening against the wall) allows pedestrians to pass without opening the garage door completely, which saves considerable time. However, it requires to release a piece of wall.

Sectional doors are among the most expensive garage opening methods .


Opening the door:  this garage door is composed of several blades that wind in a trunk above the opening of the garage.

Here the space is totally optimized . Indeed, the panel is placed neither on the ceiling nor against the walls and there is no overflow outside. In addition, the door creates good thermal insulation.

However, the comfort of use has a price: this technique of opening is the most expensive of the market.


In line with motorized objects and home automation, the purpose of the automatic garage door is to make life easier for users and to limit stress .

Getting out of the car to open the door is a daily task that can quickly become parasitic. In rainy weather, it takes only a few minutes to soak!

An Automatic Garage Door, The Practical Solution

And then it’s a waste of time: a person spends about 30 seconds getting out of the car, a minute opening the garage, 30 seconds to get back in his car, 30 seconds to park, 30 seconds to go down, 1 minute to close the door … In total, it is 4 minutes lost when returning from work !

Add to that the 4 minutes you lose each morning to take your car out of the garage, and 8 minutes if you return at noon … And the manual garage door takes more than 15 minutes per day , or 1:45 per hour week! Acquiring a motorized door will allow you to spend your time otherwise.

Entering and leaving the home by pressing the remote control also benefits people with reduced mobility.

For perfect comfort, automatic doors can be equipped with an obstacle detector that instantly stops the engine. A timer can also be integrated to program the automatic closing of the door . In the event of a power failure, a backup battery must be installed.

So, do you opt for the comfort of a door that opens by itself as soon as you arrive at home?

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