Why invest in pink diamond?

Why invest in Best pink diamond?

  • What is the pink diamond coast on the market?
  • What other colored diamonds can be considered as smart investments?
  • What to do when buying a pink diamond?

Investing in pink diamonds can be even more lucrative than a colorless diamond in today’s diamond market. They are even rarer than classic diamonds and some colors are rarer than others. Why invest in pink diamond? What other colors to choose?

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What is the pink diamond coast on the market?

For years, pink diamonds have been highly coveted in the diamond market, which is why they are among the most sophisticated investors. It is an extremely rare diamond and 90 to 95% of the world supply comes from the Australian Argyle mine, which will close in 2020. The anticipated shortage has therefore pushed up the prices of the pink diamond, even with medium quality.

What other colored diamonds can be considered as smart investments?

Although all colored diamonds are rare, some are more easily found than others. As with most economic activities, supply and demand also have a strong influence on market prices. 

The most common color diamonds are gray, brown and yellow (on some shades). Despite their beauty, their market share is less important because of their prevalence. 

The intense, bright yellow, as well as the orange diamonds, are rarer and more valuable, making them more suitable for a successful investment. Purple, green and blue diamonds belong to the same category as rose diamonds: they are rare and highly coveted all over the world.

Most of the diamonds with record climbs in recent years were either pink or blue. But none of them are as rare and priceless as red diamonds. They are by far the most expensive diamond color. Also sourced primarily from the Argyle mine, they will become extremely rare after its closure in 2020.

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What to do when buying a pink diamond?

When choosing your pink diamond, the most important feature is the color. Although other qualities such as clarity are also evaluated, they are not as important for colored diamonds as they are for colorless ones. 

The GIA distinguishes 7 different shades of pink: low, very light, light, fantasy, fantasy, intense fantasy and fantasy. The latter is often called intense fantasy or dark fantasy. 

A different notation system using 9 subcategories is the Argyle color classification system. Although colors are studied by world-renowned experts, they are much more subjective than traditional 4 Cs. In addition, demand for colored diamonds is more sensitive to trends than colorless diamonds.

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