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Garage doors, as I mentioned in an old post, exist in many ways, depending on their opening and according to the automation, the doors for our garages often suffer breakdowns, depending on the type of door, whether it is manual or automatic, we can differentiate different types of breakdowns.

Most of the time the breakdowns are caused by not paying attention to your automatic or manual door, or by improper maintenance, a maintenance on your automatic door is cheap and can avoid more expensive breakdowns, or worse some kind of accident.

Manual garage doors

The common thing between a manual door and an automatic one is that the automatic can break apart from the door, also the automation.

Failing elements of a door

  1. The most normal thing and depending on the doors, the springs are the parts that normally break down, being the sectional door spring the one that deteriorates or breaks the most, being necessary to replace it, if the door has two springs, the ones must be replaced. two, even if only one of them breaks.
  2. The nylon wheels suffer a lot of wear and tear and must be replaced, some or all depending on the state.
  3. The cables that go to the dock tend to break or peel, so it is necessary to change them.
  4. Door panels deteriorate due to weather conditions, bumps and scratches, which can be replaced.

On the slides

  1. In sliding doors, the most common breakdown is usually the wheels that over time, or due to some object that can be inserted inside, deteriorates the wheels, requiring their welding and replacement.
  2. It can also break door part structures.

Swing gates

The breakdowns are normally damage to the structures, whether due to weather conditions or blows, as well as hinges or locks.

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Tilting garage door

  1. The hinges by use, are damaged very easily.
  2. The cables break due to use, or peel, requiring their replacement even if the door cable has not been completely broken.
  3. The door must be painted, due to the rust and if it has suffered a blow, since if it is not very difficult to lift it, and more so if it moves from the rail or guides.

Guillotine Sectionals

  1. Industrial guillotine doors suffer a lot from their continuous use, they are doors that are used many times throughout the day, and by different people, so breakdowns are constant.
  2. The cables, be careful with these doors, are of great proportions and a lot of weight, a cable in poor condition can cause an accident to very serious people.
  3. The springs must be in perfect condition, or it will be very difficult to lower or raise the door, the springs tend to slacken, and occasionally break.
  4. The use of machinery in the docks for loading and unloading trucks, as well as mechanical bulls in their vicinity bring blows to the panels that must be replaced by new panels.
  5. Wheels, bolts, guides and other parts of the sash sectional door often break due to use and knocks.

In all these types of doors, remember that it is necessary for a garage door and automation professional to repair any fault in the door, there are numerous risks of accidents due to poor installation or replacement of any part or element that is part of the gate.

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Faults in automatic garage door operators

The type of automatic door has a double fault, one is that of the door itself, and the other that of the garage door motor (automatisms), depending on the faults, we will distinguish between:

Roof motor

The roof motor usually causes more problems than in the motor itself, in what is part of its mechanism, such as the chain, which breaks, or bends, as well as another part that can be damaged is the parts that join the motor with the shaft or the shaft with the last panel of the door and the spring axis.

Slide motor

  1. The slide motors that are installed in the street, usually give problems due to the atmospheric conditions, with the use and the time, the plate of the motor can be damaged, being necessary its replacement. (They do not have to break down, they come prepared to be on the street, but time can handle everything).
  2. Another fault in these engines is the misconfiguration in their programming due to various reasons, such as a light failure, or some force on the engine due to an object on the wheels.

Engine arms

  1. There are two types of swing door motor, the hydraulic arm with oil and the electric one, the oil one tends to break with use, and the hoses through which the oil passes are pitted and can be replaced, a motor that loses oil through the motor itself needs to be replaced in most cases.
  2. In these motors, the electronic board can also suffer some kind of breakdown, especially if they are found on the street, although the box where these boards go are hermetically protected.

There are more types of automations of different brands, in Doors 4U Garage Doors we only install top brand automations, if you want to know more about automatic door motors, you just have to read this entry on automation, which explains the types of automation, the best brands in Australia and where each one is used.

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Guarantee in all our work

Doors 4U Garage Doors offers warranty on both the garage doors, as well as the automations or motors that you put in your doors, so you will not have to worry about having a damaged garage door from its installation in at least two years, normally this type of doors does not have any failure in at least ten years from its installation.

If you have a faulty automatic gate or a garage electric motor in Newcastle, you can request Doors 4U Garage Doors services by contacting us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, we are specialists in the repair and installation of automatic garage doors and motors for those doors.

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