Roof Restoration: when, how, at what price?

Best Roof Restoration: when, how, at what price?

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A roof in good condition. Your roof shows some signs of wear and you hesitate to Roof Restoration it?

Find below all our advice on the actions to take depending on the situation of your coverage. You will also find out what budget to allocate for a solid and durable roof.

When to Roof Restoration ?

Some elements require the intervention of a roofer and must put you on the chip. Among these, we can cite:

  • the tiles or slates broken or flights  ;
  • the infiltration of water  ;
  • the heating bills abnormally high;
  • development of moss or lichen;
  • oxidation of hooks;
  • the warping of the zinc plating elements  ;
  • traces of humidity on interior insulation.

However, all these signs do not necessarily require a complete Roof Restoration. Indeed, if it has only a small localized leak while its general condition is good, you can simply carry out repair work . On the other hand, if you notice a subsidence, a cover too damaged or a deteriorated frame, it will be necessary to Roof Restoration.

Roof Restoration can also be considered for financial reasons: associated with improved insulation from the outside, it allows energy savings over the long term. In fact, a poorly or poorly insulated roof is responsible for around 30% of heat loss from homes.

Apart from your repair or Roof Restoration needs, it is also necessary to have the condition of your roof checked every 10 years, then every two years for constructions over 20 years old. Above 40 years of age, it is advisable to carry out this check every year.

What is the Roof Restoration?

It will be necessary to replace your frame beforehand if your steel frame is rusty or if the beams are damaged, broken or attacked by insects. Similarly, if the roof is completely renewed, the weight of the new roof will also lead to a revision of the frame, to be sure that it supports this new element.

If your frame is in good condition , it will be kept. The roofer will therefore simply remove your old roof to place your new tiles or slates . He can also take care of the installation of an under-roof , between the insulation and the roofing. This will constitute an additional protective layer and will protect your insulating material from humidity and dust.

You can also ask to redo your insulation from the outside , if you notice traces of humidity on the insulating materials . Often associated with the change of roofing, it consists of placing panels on the frame so as not to lose any space in the attic. Also take the opportunity to change the rainwater evacuation system , including gutters and gutters.

Finally, pay attention to asbestos . Banned since 1998, this fiber has however been used a lot in the building sector in the past, which still makes it present in many construction elements. Roofers cannot take care of the evacuation of the materials which contain it: you will have to call on approved specialized companies. 

What is the deadline for a new roof?

Be aware that this type of work takes time: it will generally take between 6 months and 1 year between the signing of the estimate and the actual completion.

In addition, if you change the exterior appearance of your home, you will need to apply for a planning permit . This is in fact necessary, for example, for raising the roof, changing the inclination or even changing the nature or color of the materials. Ask for the rules in force in your municipality.

The best times to do this work are in the heyday of spring, summer and fall, but remember that companies are on building holidays in July .

What budget to plan?

The cost of your Roof Restoration will depend on many parameters  : whether or not to repair your frame, the insulation and material chosen, the size and shape of the roof, etc. However, it is worth investing in a quality renovation that will satisfy you for several decades.

If you simply want to remove your old cover and place a new one, you can count a starting budget of € 50 per m² . If you add a layer of exterior insulation or an under-roof at the same time , the price may rise to € 75 or € 100 per m² respectively . Also count from 50 to 100 € additional per m² for the repair of your frame .

However, Roof Restoration bonuses exist to help you with your various roofing works. For a complete overview of subsidize work and grant conditions, see our articles on bonuses in the Brussels-Capital Region or in the Walloon Region .

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