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We spend the whole year waiting for summer to arrive… The combination of pleasant temperatures, longer days and more free time is the opportunity to enjoy what’s in the bike shop and the bike in the best conditions! This article guides you in choosing your equipment and reminds you of the good practices that you should take into account to make the most of your motorcycle trips this summer.

Choose the right equipment to withstand the heat

According to the bike shop, high temperatures are the first problem that comes to mind when using the bike shop in summer. If you have ever driven with leather garments in the heat of the heat, you will also know how annoying sweat is … The thing about wearing a T-shirt and flip flops, better not even think about it. Why not try ventilated motorcycle gear? You’ll see what a difference!

The jackets, the pants, and gloves ventilated have open mesh textile areas to considerably improve the circulation of air around the body and, therefore, also cooling. Sweat, our natural air conditioning, evaporates at high speed, thus eliminating excess heat. In other words, it cools you down effectively which is available at Singleton Bike Shop!

Good quality ventilated equipment can be so effective… it won’t take long for you to catch a cold in temperatures below 25 ° C! In fact, this is the main reproach that can be made to mesh jackets and other ventilated equipment: they are very capricious when it comes to weather conditions. You can only wear them either when it is very hot or when it is very hot …Mesh fabric lets through much of the airflow. And it refreshes wonderfully!

Anticipate temperature drops

In summer, you are never safe from a storm. You better bring something to cover yourself with (like a waterproof jacket to put on over) in case you are surprised by a downpour or a drop in temperatures. The same I tell you if you have thought about going up to high altitude: for every 100 meters of unevenness, about 1 ° C is lost. This is the good thing about multi-season equipment, such as the “three-in-one” jackets, versatile enough to handle any situation, thanks to their reclosable ventilation zones.

Another important aspect to take into account when choosing your ventilated equipment: make sure that the bike shop offers sufficient protection in the event of a fall. This type of lighter garment sometimes leaves a lot to be desired in this regard. If you negotiate with asphalt, you will always lose out! Ventilated motorcycle jackets must guarantee a minimum of protection

Search among your usual clothes

The bike shop and the bikers agree that there is nothing better than ventilated equipment to enjoy to collect at the bike shop. However, it may not be a good idea to empty your account for just three hot days a year. Some equipment that already has reasonably be suitable to help withstand temperatures above 30 ° C. For example, motorcycle jeans, breathable thanks to their manufacture with denim or derived cotton, will be more pleasant than a waterproof road or leather pants. At least while driving, they will limit the feeling of heat.

In the same way, if you have a pair of motorcycle shoes or ankle boots, a pair of short cuff gloves, etc., you can take advantage of the wind a little more without bike shop jeopardizing your protection. Kevlar jeans and motorcycle shoes are always more breathable than leather or boots – DXR Boost jeans and DXR GoFast sneakers

Technical underwear

Don’t wear it only in winter! Technical underwear can help you drive longer, even in the height of summer. By regulating the heat and humidity emitted by your epidermis, technical underwear improves your sensations also in summer. In addition, these products, increasingly widespread among manufacturers, will help you avoid catching a cold when you stop in an air-conditioned restaurant.

As with ventilated equipment, once you try them, the bike shop will convince you. Add to this that the basic range models are particularly cheap and that you bike shop can use them in numerous sports activities to make your purchase profitable. Choose products at the bike shop that specifically designed for summer: they are lighter and more breathable than the usual models. Tech shirts can improve your comfort when the heat is on.

At the bike shop, what helmet do I wear to drive in summer?

At the bike shop, motorcycle helmets are more comfortable than others on hot days. We immediately think of jet helmets as the most pleasant for these types of conditions. But if, like me, you are one of those who do not finish seeing yourself on the road without a chin guard on, the modular with double homologation is a good compromise between summer comfort and protection. You will only have to think about opening it when driving through the city and closing it when leaving the urban area. I insist on ‘double homologation’ because, in principle, with a single homologation modular, the traffic authorities only accept the closed configuration.

The modular with double approval is a good compromise between summer comfort and protection. Ultimately, a slightly customized full-face helmet will also allow you to limit heatstroke on your motorcycle this summer. Start with… open the vents! Yes, I know what I’m saying may seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve seen more bike shop than one biker riding in the sun with all vents closed, so I’d rather insist on it. You can also remove the chin guard to get more air on your face. When the heatwave is over, just put it back on.

In terms of luminosity, nothing better than a helmet equipped with a retractable sun visor integrated into the shell to protect your eyes. This accessory will be much more practical to use than a smoked screen, which you must assemble and disassemble every time, or a pair of sunglasses, which will force you to stop to put them in their case.

Even easier to use are the photochromic screens, which are automatically darkened by UV rays, and electrochromic, which are electronically darkened at the touch of a button. These accessories are not yet widespread and are prohibitively priced. A retractable sun visor, easy to activate, and ideal for the comfort of the eyes.

On the road, adopt good habits

Of course, the bike shop will equip yourself appropriately limits discomfort, and delays the onset of fatigue, but it is not the only aspect to consider. On days when the sun beats down, don’t forget to hydrate yourself well(And so, by the way, you take the opportunity to show off your favorite motorcycle on the terrace of the cafeterias …). When it is very hot, the human body can lose up to three liters of water a day, simply through sweat. All that liquid must be replenished! And be careful to make me say things that I have not said: alcohol does not count when replenishing your water reserves!

Don’t forget to make frequent stops. There are times when you are so comfortable driving and you want to keep going… Also, when you sweat a lot, the need to urinate is less. Still, force yourself to give yourself a break. It is enough to rest for a few minutes in the shade from time to time . In the long run, this will allow you to delay the onset of fatigue and do more miles at the end of the day. It will also be the occasion to allow the engine of your motorcycle to recover a normal temperature. When it is very hot, the human body can lose up to three liters of water a day, simply through sweat: all that liquid must be replaced.

Your mount also suffers more in hot weather than in milder weather. Oil consumptions higher than usual or overheating are not uncommon, especially in traffic jams on the way to the beach. While driving, keep an eye on the thermometer and, when you stop, check the fluid level before starting again . The same should be done with tire pressure, as overheated asphalt is a tough test for them.

If you have no choice but to drive on a very hot day, try to organize yourself to leave early in the morning . Make a long stop during the warmer hours and hit the road again in the middle of the afternoon, when the temperatures drop again. With a heat wave, avoid driving during the hottest hours of the day

Driving conditions: Content rhymes with attentive …

When it comes to driving conditions, there are generally fewer precautions to take than in winter. However, you should avoid certain complications of intense heat. The hot asphalt offers a good grip, but when it starts to melt, it’s another story… The areas with liquefied tar due to the infrared of the sun are real skating rinks. Try to avoid them at all costs! Also, as explained in the first point of this article with tips for beginners, the rain can also create very slippery areas in the height of summer.

In tourist areas, beware of unexpected reactions from other drivers , easily distracted by beautiful views, a monument or a cyclist in shorts (true!) …And when it comes to riding a motorcycle at night in summer, be very careful with wild animals, as they can invade the road at any curve, especially if the road goes through a forest. Trust me, there are better ways to prepare a roe deer pate …

In short, riding a motorcycle in summer implies:

  • Equip yourself properly to combat heat and sweat
  • Anticipate drops in temperatures and rain
  • Hydrate properly to compensate for sweating and force yourself to stop in the shade from time to time
  • Avoid the hottest hours to go out on a motorcycle
  • Don’t lower your guard against molten tar, slippery areas, distracted drivers …

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