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How to change bathroom tiles: Step by step like a pro

Bathroom Renovation

If you don’t like your bathroom because it is very dark. They have a bathroom with only paint but they do not have ceramic tiles or they simply do not like the ones they have and want to modify it by adding something more current or with a brighter color. These are reasons that make you want to change your bathroom tiles for a more current one or make it appear larger by choosing tiles in a lighter or brighter color.

When you want to enlarge the space in a virtual way, this is making it appear to be bigger than it really is, put light colors on your walls and floors and you will have your new bathroom that seems to be larger and if you put a mirror that covers the room. wall above the bathroom sink will double the size of it just by placing it. 

Having clear ideas of what they want to have at the end of the remodeling they can plan how to do it step by step. In this book of ideas, we can clarify and inform you how to change bathroom tiles for new ones and the work is done like a professional in just 8 steps.

bathroom tiles

1. Plan ahead

The bathroom tiles you want to remodel can be done depending on several factors: the cost, the dimensions of the area to be covered and the characteristics of the style you want for that room. 

  • Cost is essential when deciding what to buy, that will depend on the budget you have for this investment. 
  • The dimensions of each tile should be a reflection of the dimensions of your bathroom, since if this room is too small you should not place too large tiles. They must be proportionate to the dimensions of the bathroom.

2. Choose the bathroom tiles style

The style is depending on your taste and the general style of your house. There are a considerable number of shapes, textures, raw materials and designs that you can find in the distributors of these materials. 

The planning that you will do according to these premises will make it clear what to buy and define costs and designs. Remember to check when buying the first quality tiles since in this case the dimensions and square of each piece will be correct and that all the tile boxes are of the same production therefore they must have the SAME BATCH NUMBER since Similar pieces from different lots may differ in tone of the chosen color.

3. Check the dimensions of the bathroom

Before buying, you have to take the appropriate measures to know how many tiles are needed, in addition to defining their dimensions. It is preferable to buy measures that are consistent with the bathroom area and verify the dimensions of each tile model that can be placed without having to cut much each piece to adjust it to the dimensions to be covered.

When taking wall and floor measurements it should be done perfectly. This will give you the possibility of buying a tile that is of the appropriate size so that with a multiple as exact as possible, you cover these areas without having to cut the pieces to complete the placement. 

The recommendation of a professional at the material distributor of your choice will serve you well. Remember to buy 10% more for any rectifications or cuts that have to be made and save some pieces for a possible repair that is necessary in the future.

4. Where to start laying the tiles?

The tiles on the walls should start to be laid from the ceiling down. Stake out with the measurements how many tiles you should place and the space that should be between them. Place, if you have to cut any, at the ends of the wall there it will be less noticeable.

5. Check for leaks

Before laying the tiles, check carefully if you have any leaks from the bathroom pipes. These leaks, no matter how small, must be fixed before starting to lay the tiles.

A water leak will be a problem when laying the tiles and much more when they are already laid.

6. Check the spaces between each step

Check each area of ​​placement of the tiles and that the base of the same is well, leveling with the appropriate material so that everything is perfect. This floor base is essential in the execution of this work since the slopes that must be made on the bathroom floor will allow a perfect drainage of it.

As well as the walls, these must be level so that there are no pieces out of level in them. Check the placement of each tile and square with the horizontal and vertical levels so that they form a well-executed job.

7. Convenient placement

It is easier to fit larger pieces than small ones. This should be taken into account if the placement is done by you without professional help. The correct placement of the tiles is the most important part of this project. So review your skills and if you dare do it with all the dedication that your project deserves.

8. Details make the difference

A different bathroom that is the one that gives you the note of being unique in the neighborhood. An important detail should be analyzed before starting to apply new bathroom tiles for a renovation.

This can be done as in this case with a skylight on the roof, or a pergola covered by transparent material or near a window. You decide that it will be that different touch that will give your bathroom another level in the scale of style and decoration. Remember that as we say … the details make the difference!

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