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How to choose my courier company? Important Key Aspects

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Choosing your Courier Company Service

Thanks to all the advances in the logistics sector that we are experiencing in recent years, distances and borders are becoming less and less high barriers. Currently it is very easy to send a merchandise to the other side of the globe in just a few days thanks to multiple transport and logistics companies that do a great job.

The growing boom in electronic commerce around the world and the reduction of stocks in practically any business sector have undoubtedly favored us to find more and more courier companies with an unbeatable quality of services.

The fact that there are so many options on the market when choosing your logistics providers can become a problem for many. The more and better options, the more complicated it is to choose.

It is clear that choosing the foremost suitable provider for your eCommerce could be a key factor for sales success. We already know that customers increasingly demand more improvements in the messaging service of their orders and this must be taken into account.

For all this, we are going to make two articles where we are going to share with you the most determining aspects when it comes to finding the best carrier for your online stores and the best options that we currently find in the Spanish market.

courier company

These are the points that you have to take more into account before selecting your messaging service provider:

What do we want to send?

The price will vary a lot depending on the merchandise that we are going to send. The costs always depend on the weight and volume of the product or its fragility. Find out about prices by weight and volume but also about guarantees. For example, it is not the same to transport furniture than food products, in the second case you will have to take into account if the courier company has a fleet that respects the cold chain.

Destination of shipments

The geographical region where we are aiming to operate. Where we are going to send the products and from where. Ask yourself the subsequent questions: Will the shipments be national or international? Will the shipments leave from Australia or from another country? Do you have a good distribution network in that destination country? Does the company have local courier company who speak the language of the destination country?

They are all points that are added and will improve the quality of the courier service. Keep in mind that the company you hire is really going to be the direct link with the client. That is why it is very important that you are clear about all these points.

Quantity and regularity of shipments

For example, if you work all over the world, will you send orders punctually or periodically? The costs don’t seem to be identical if you select an organization with an international presence than one that only works in national territory. If you occasionally send orders abroad, one of your best options may be the logistics e-marketplace. Look on their company website and find the FAQ’s page for common answers they have provided online.

courier company

These work when carriers advertise the available space on their trucks, ships, planes or trains, the available space and the day. As they are shared spaces, the price is considerably reduced. You can also generate alerts that notify you once they head to the destination that interests you.

Also take into consideration the quantity of orders you’ll be able to send per month and once you consult the various suppliers ask them to break down the value in line with your monthly average. The more quantity, the lower the price.

Delivery times

We will start with the basics and the first. The definition of packaging, for all those who have recently joined the blog or who are still somewhat clueless. Packaging is all those boxes, envelopes, boxes, wrappings, containers and packaging where we introduce our products so that they reach consumers safely.

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Customer service and quality of service

It is very important that the customer knows the exact moment he is going to receive his order, that said order arrives in perfect condition and that the courier company’s attention at the time of delivery is the most correct. You can investigate through social networks the different complaints of customers in the different courier company. All of them will surely have but be suspicious if there are many.

courier company

Plus, Services

These include other additional services that you may need related to logistics such as storage, labeling or packaging. It is interesting that if you also need these services, you will find out which courier company offer them and which ones do not. Some of them are worth it because they already have a set of prices that will reduce your costs.

There are also companies in which the courier company himself is in charge of unwrapping the product, mounting the order and checking with the client that everything is OK. Now you know the most important aspects that you should take into account before starting to select the best provider.

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