agricultural drones

What is agricultural drones?


Perhaps it is not necessary to explain what a agricultural drone is at this point, pun intended. However, we are going to make a brief explanation to start from scratch on this journey.

When we talk about drones, we are referring to agricultural drones, very useful tools to control activities such as agriculture, construction, traffic, forest fires, etc. These are extremely practical instruments with regards to working, and they offer incredible focal points because of their adaptability. Can agricultural drones do the job of humans? The answer is yes. Let’s see how they do it.

Far from what it may suffer, agriculture is a sector in full transformation. More and more companies choose to use agricultural drones to carry out various jobs. Innovation, cutting edge and technology have come to stay.

Before continuing, it is necessary to describe what drones are. These are remotely piloted ships that can be controlled over long distances. One of the characteristics of drones is that they are unmanned and can be handled according to the specific needs of the person who pilots it.

These drones are handled with very specific movements and require a special technique to use them correctly. Thanks to the agricultural drones, images are obtained on the hectares of the field and the crops in a clear way.

The development of agricultural drones has generated the creation of agriculture based on three dimensions, giving way to the so-called “industrial revolution” in the primary sector. Among the many advantages of using drones, the reduction of costs, greater precision in the work carried out, the monitoring of the crops and the reduction of the environmental impact stand out.

agricultural drones

The agricultural drones, far from being an isolated event, have become a reality. The incorporation of these tools has only made day-to-day life in the field easier, as drones bring many benefits. Among the many applications of drones for agriculture, the following stand out:

  • Its high topographic precision of 1cm allows obtaining data from large areas with high definition, completely georeferenced.
  • Its thermal and multispectral cameras allow obtaining precise data and characteristics of agricultural operations.
  • They allow to carry different measurement sensors (thermographic, multispectral, LiDAR and optics).
  • Because of the knowledge got by the agricultural drone, its possible to accumulate information from large areas from the air, and contrast them with various sensors and analysis of the important situations that crops suffer.
  • The information provided by the drones allows accurate diagnoses of their farms. To know, in short, if the crops are working well from the photosynthetic point of view, if they have a lack of a certain nutrient, or if the plants are in situations of water stress.
  • They allow to extend the standard of the crops, since they discover pests and diseases early.
  • Thanks to the data collected, the final production of the crop can be established or predicted.
  • It is a quick and versatile solution, remote sensing on demand, at the service of the farmer.
  • It allows you to determine productivity, optimize production and use of inputs, and observe performance analysis.
  • They are able to detect harvest problems, and thus be able to act, taking corrective measures where problems have been detected.
  • They convert the images into maps for the application of fertilizers and identify the appropriate characteristics of the land. The important thing is the prescription of inputs, and their easy integration with different equipment and agricultural machinery.
  • They facilitate aerial inspection, plant or tree counting, control erosion and topography. In short, all those factors that affect crops.

Agricultural drones to improve the yield of your crops

Everything that we have been telling you previously can be summarized in the improvement of the yield of your crops. The benefits provided by the drone are not only capable of improving productivity but also revolutionizing the role of the agricultural sector. Moreover, thanks to its precision, agricultural activities allow increasing sustainability parameters in the Agro sector. In this way, we could speak of the drone as the great ally of sustainable agriculture.

Smart farming has opened up a world of possibilities for the future of sustainability. Everything points to a decisive tool in the sector, but time will bring us the best answers.

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