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Which gemstone to choose best for an engagement ring?


It is because without a remarkable engagement ring there is no marriage proposal worthy of the name that this one must be chosen with special attention. Over time, a whole symbolism has developed around the engagement ring and in particular on the meaning of the precious stones associated with it.

Choosing your gemstone according to traditional codes will allow you to deliver a more romantic and personal message to your partner, and thus more skillfully express your feelings.

Which gemstone to choose for your engagement ring?

There are four types of precious stones, all of which are in great demand to set the most prestigious engagement ring. Each of these stones is given a specific meaning.

1. The diamond :

It is THE stone par excellence, the one that meets the most success when crimping traditional and contemporary rings. It is said of the diamond that it symbolizes purity and eternity. It goes wonderfully with a platinum or white gold ring .

2. Sapphire :

Its deep and striking blue evokes loyalty and sincerity, sapphire is a rare gemstone. We usually say that it is intended primarily for the most sentimental people. People seeking to convey the feelings they feel will choose this stone. Sapphire is versatile and goes perfectly with the noble metals that are yellow gold, white gold, silver , or even platinum.

3. The emerald :

Known to be difficult to work with, emerald is a compromise between tradition and originality when it comes to set a ring. Once considered a stone bringing protection and prosperity, today it is customary to say that its deep green represents love and fertility. The emerald goes harmoniously with yellow gold or platinum, it can also be associated with a ring set with several small diamonds.

engagement ring

4. The ruby :

The blood red of ruby ​​has always inspired passionate people. It is an extremely famous gemstone, and therefore very expensive. We offer it to pass on the passion that drives us to others. It is a stone linked to strong emotions. Associated with a white gold or platinum ring , the blood color of the ruby ​​is all the more remarkable. And if you want to turn to pearls.

The selection criteria for an engagement ring :

Beyond the message it delivers, let’s not forget that the engagement ring (for example a ring of certified Swarovski jewelry ) must above all adapt to its recipient, or even better: to the couple you form with your partner . Thus, you will first choose the gemstone, the ring, and the type of mounting according to the tastes of your partner. Indeed, we will not turn to a too traditional ring if it is intended for a modern person with a taste for contemporary jewelry but much less for their traditional alternatives.

Among the other criteria not to be avoided, there is that of the longevity of the ring. This requires having an idea of ​​the use that will be made of the jewel because not all precious stones can be worn on a daily basis. If the diamond is renowned for its great resistance to shocks and time, the emerald is rather known to be a particularly fragile stone and more suitable for a ring that will serve as a ceremonial jewel rather than a daily wear.

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